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From Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (± 85 — 20 v.Chr.) : De Architectura we learn

"All these should possess strength, utility, and beauty. Strength arises from carrying down the foundations to a good solid bottom, and from making a proper choice of materials without parsimony. Utility arises from a judicious distribution of the parts, so that their purposes be duly answered, and that each have its proper situation. Beauty is produced by the pleasing appearance and good taste of the whole, and by the dimensions of all the parts being duly proportioned to each other”

Panacea® is an excellent means to reinforce a surface layer that tends to crack in time- and structure. This cracking is due to stress imparted by the settling of binder and the loss of water used in the mix. Whether that mix is Concrete; Stucco; Render ; Plaster; Mortar, Paint or Sealant doesn’t matter much. The Panacea® fibers avoid the minuscule hairline cracks to initiate by overcoming the shrinkage stress in the wet mix. The fibers take it onto themselves with an infinite finely distributed network of elastic fibers. Exacerbated by the multitude of fine fibers as a result of the very fine diameter and the specific density that is higher than water. A unique binding force of Panacea® to the matrix and the elongation of the fibre Panacea® are just so to enable them to overcome these forces to avoid initial cracks. Cracks that with time enlarge and form channels through which aggressive atmospheric agents can start to corrode the matrix and imbedded reinforcing elements.

The surface of Panacea®, in contrast to other fibers, has myriads arrays of high dipole groups that form electrostatic interaction with the hydroxy groups of water cement and silica. The sticking of the Panacea® therefore is fabulous. A small dosage 0,5‰ can already stop the slump in concrete.
Although less appreciated in concrete where large quantities have to flow or be sprayed, exactly this thixotropic behavior is of paramount importance in repair mortars.Repair mortars need to stick quickly to surfaces in most impossible places. The workability is appreciated when large amounts of mortar can be applied without rebound. The green strength is immediately felt and after hardening, the flexural strength of the mortar is increased by some 20%. Impact resistance is improved by the invisible network in the surface.

In mortars, concrete, technical paints, stucco’s , renders, self-leveling floors and sprayed concrete, the fibre length and dosage need to be calibrated to have the best performance. In general 150g -1000g/mt should do the job. Panacea® length should approximately match the largest aggregate diameter.
The dual character of Panacea® to bind as well to water, cement, hydrophilic substances as well as hydrophobic ones makes it an ideal fibre to be employed in a mix.

Most of the important names in this industry already use Panacea®


Panacea® dry 1,5mm; 2mm; 3,2mm; 4mm; 6,4mm; 8mm; 12mm
Panacea® wet 3,2mm; 12mm
Panacea® M

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